When we established Neo Career in 2000, we had absolutely no experience in the human resources business. All we had was a passion to continue offering a range of customer growth-oriented services, and a steadfast willingness to listen to their feedback. From these requests and issues, we developed a range of services that we now provide to nearly 10,000 companies as recruitment support.

The working environment in Japan is experiencing a period of rapid change. We are facing a number of extreme challenges such as a dwindling workforce due to an aging population and declining birthrate, and difficulties creating a working environment that suits the younger generation, women, older workers and foreigners.

Overseas business expansion is also undergoing drastic change, with the original secondary industry expansion now giving way to more intense tertiary industry expansion through the services industry. Our lifestyle infrastructure is also undergoing rapid change along with recent rapid developments in technology, which requires the creation of new employment models and workstyles to meet the new era.

Our role is to take on each of these challenges and develop solutions with a focus on the future, creating services to suit the changing times. We are committed to fulfilling this important social role and responsibility.

We hereby make a new promise to society – that our mission is to create a valuable future for everyone through people and technologies. We have also changed our company logo to show that Neo Career will continue evolving as we move forward.

Just as one thousand people will have one thousand different futures, one thousand companies will also envision one thousand different futures. We are committed to making a greater contribution to society, to create a valuable future for everyone, and thereafter to create a valuable future for regions, countries and societies.

The most important thing for us as a company is to continue growing – to improve value, improve capabilities and improve human resources for our customers – which is why we will continue offering a range of customer growth-oriented services.

Ryoichi Nishizawa, CEO Neo Career Co., Ltd.