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TOP CEO Message

CEO Message

When we were founded in 2000, we had no experience in the human resources business. Based on our philosophy of "continuing to grow," we continued to provide services that would lead to the growth of our customers, and we desperately listened to what our customers had to say. I've been leaning on it.

CEO Message

CEO Message

Facing turbulent times and opening up the future.

Japan’s working environment is currently undergoing rapid changes.
Decrease in the working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population. We are facing very deep challenges as we have not made much progress in creating a work environment that is easy for young people, women, seniors, foreigners, and people with disabilities to work in.

Further 2045. It is said that we will reach a singularity (technological singularity), where technologies such as AI will be able to create intelligence that is smarter than humans. Advances in technology will significantly change jobs and work styles, and various values and ways of being should be reconsidered.

What is required of us is to seriously face each of these issues and continue to solve them.
Looking toward the future, we will continue to incorporate the latest technology as quickly as possible and continue to create services that match the changing times. I feel that this is what we have to do to fulfill our major role and responsibility towards society.

Our company’s motto is PURPOSE: “We open up the future by dealing with people seriously.”
A society where everyone can work proactively and energetically. A society where the next generation can live positively.
While everyone looks forward to a future that is impossible to predict, we will continue to take on challenges.

We will continue to work hard to contribute even more to carving out a better future.

Neo Career Group CEO Ryoichi Nishizawa

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