• HR Services

    Founded in 2000, the Neo-Career Group started as a business focused on human resources-related services. We have provided optimal matching services to benefit both job seekers and companies seeking employees in such market areas. The New-graduations, Mid-career, Part-times, Temporary staffs, and human resource management. We also have been aiming to increase value by taking the healthcare market(Nursing care, Childcare, medical workers), and Asian recruiting agent & BPO market. We produce many solutions due to the issue in human resource areas, coming mainly from the shrinking work force due to a falling birth rate and an aging population.

  • Technology

    In response to a rapidly changing labor environment, we are accelerating the business development by combining a technologies to our human resource-related services. We provide a service product related to network area (Promotion platforms, Medias),and the leading line of the technology(big data, hr technology)


HR Tech

We provide a range of HR services that use web advertising and our own platform media. We also joint a buisness development using the cutting-edge technologies. Our HR Tech delivers outstanding results in a wide range of fields, from recruitment to sales promotions and engineer services.


The field of healthcare faces various urgent social issues, from dealing with an aging population and declining birthrate, to enhancing the medical environment and career development for women. We are taking on these challenges through our matching services, offering recruitment and job advertising for a range of professions, including caregivers, childcare workers and healthcare professionals.

Human Resource

Our services range from strategy planning, propositions and consulting for new graduate and mid-career recruitment to temporary placement of engineers, call center workers and general office workers. From the start, we have always provided management solutions to clients through our total HR support service.


Through our Reeracoen overseas subsidiaries, we conduct two different global businesses – recruitment and business process outsourcing. Our Abroaders Career job site also provides individual support, with a focus on Asia, for people who want to go work overseas. We are making our contribution to the growth of people and companies wanting to take on the world.