With passion and innovation, we are planning our path forward.
We are redefining this wish through our company name, and through this process we are recreating ourselves.
We must decide what path to plan, and with whom to plan it, as we face this unknown future, a future created through people and technologies.
However, even with a single future plan for the Group, it is likely that each one of us thinks independently and has a different way of getting there.
With this blank canvas, we are able to express our freedom of choice, our determination, and infinite possibilities.

The word “career” has its origins in the Latin word “cararia,” meaning a “track for wheeled vehicles.”.
When we think of a career though, we think to the future, not to the past.
The very fact that the future is unknown requires us to be dissatisfied with and occasionally reject the status quo to create our future through innovation.
We are creating that future through people and technologies.
As we continually take on these challenges, grow and steadily make our way forward, we join forces with a diverse range of stakeholders – our customers, our colleagues and our future selves.

Neo Career Statement

In everything we do as a company, from customer service delivery to management decisions, member education and recruitment, our main focus, and our daily commitment, is the Neo Career Statement.
We will continue growing and steadily making our way forward so that we can stand before our customers, listen to their feedback and deliver services that excite them. Our core approach to everything we do is explained in the Neo Career Statement.

  • Oneself

    Take “1 more” challenge

  • Team

    Enjoy “achievement” with your team

  • Company

    Do the “right” things

  • Customer

    Be the “No 1” to your customers

  • Society

    Make the society “lively”