CEO Message

Create the future, keep developing.
Neo Career is always beside you.

Back in Year 2000 when we started our business with 9 original members, we had no experience in HR business. We just had strong passion 'To provide service that brings "Growth" to our customers'.

We kept listening to clients' needs and problems regarding Recruitment, and now we provide various services to support Recruitment for nearly 10,000 companies.

Labor environment in Japan is now facing drastic change. We have serious problems such as decreasing of labor power by dwindling birth rate and an aging population, besides labor environment for the young, women, seniors and foreigners is not being constructed well.

We are facing the drastic change in businesses expanding abroad, which initially began from the secondary manufacturing is now shifting to tertiary industry. Moreover we are required to construct "way of employment and work" to the new era with sudden change of life infrastructure by IT.

What we are expected is face each situation sincerely to solve them, denying current situation and continuously innovating services which can match the changing era for the future. This is our great task and responsibility to the society.

"To the future we draw together"
We have raised our "brand statement" as a promise with our clients.

The future that individuals and corporations clients draw, this is the "future" which should be developed by ourselves and developed our clients; this is our value of existing.

Millions of people have millions of futures; millions of companies also have millions of futures they are expecting. We dedicate to realize client's future with our business focusing on "Human resource, IT and Global".

Create the future, keep developing.
―――Neo Career is always beside you.
The statement shows our strong will.

"To the future we are drawing together"
We exist for people, companies, regions, nations and for bright future of society with the statement.

To realize the future clients draw―――
"Keep growing", which the most important thing to us, we highly evaluate the philosophy to develop value, ability and humanism for clients the most, and support client's development from now on.


NeoCareer Co.,LTD.
Ryoichi Nishizawa