Neo Career Way

Neo Career Way

“To the future we draw together”

The way individuals and corporations pass, is the “future”, which should be developed by ourselves. Supporting clients and candidates by drawing the future together is our value of existing in the society.
Create the future, keep developing. ――Neo Career is always beside you.
We promise to do our best with the mission “To the future we draw together”.


We always highly value and complement Neo Career Statement each day when we work on everything such as services, management, training and recruitment.
We keep developing, and step forward to sincerely face to clients, and listen to their voice for services that get them moved and satisfied.
We here introduce our fundamental way of thinking “Neo Career Statement”.

philosophy Culture Commitment Vision Credo)

What Neo Career believes important is

What we value the most is our client. Our mission is “providing values to clients” to keep being a company that clients need for their future.
To realize that, we highly evaluate our mission by summarizing into “Philosophy”

Our philosophy Maintain and continue growth

Improve customer value
Improve ability
Improve humanity

Improve customer value

We never think that growing up is the only thing we are supposed. We value the way Neo Career should be, and be aware how we should be to pursue services we only can provide. That is what our “Culture” is.

Culture We are a venture company.Our company’s essence and purpose is to “Maintain and continue growth”. We are a company displaying remarkable pathway towards success, by taking high potential risks and entering new areas.As we are venturing into global markets, along with the HR services we also cater to IT and software services industry. Our goal is to be No.1 and the only 1 for the customer, we pursue growth and revenue. We will thrive to achieve it with our passionate team with a challenger spirit to out-beat market competition.We believe that the environmental is not given but created and “No competition, No growth”. Our management believes in “Neo-careerism” ?which has always been and will continue to CHALLENGE. In our organization we do not mold a custom but build a dedicated young team. We work towards being a socially responsible and an ethical company, contributing to the world.As we march on our philosophy with continued growth and contribution, we will flourish to be a service leader in the world.

We think that we can realize “Contribution to customers and society” in fields of HR, IT and Global by all the member, from part-time employee to executives,
are aware of it continuously

What is Existence of Neo Career for?

Clients have variety of problems because they have a will to grow such as “I would like to have a job that makes me grow more” “Would like to recruit excellent person to develop business”. Therefore we think “we have to keep providing services to help clients grow”, and that is what we consider as a “Promise we have to fulfill to customers”, which is the “Commitment”.

Commitment To provide service that brings ‘Growth’ to our customers

What are we aiming?

We think Japan is a privileged country. While the world is still faced with wars, hunger, persecution and other serious matters, Japan had no war for half a century, became the 2nd largest economy. We have latest technology, longevity, and top-class education.
Because we were born in such a privileged country, we can live day-to-day life with no fear about life and death. Under such a fortunate environment, how should we spend our daily life?
that is to believe ‘our duty is our will’
Our duty is to make a great contribution to the development and growth of Japan, and also contribute to the development and growth of the world. Everyday, we must step forward with strong image of our duty.
If so, in what value should we contribute to the development and growth of Japan, and the world? As Peter F. Drucker says ‘focus on chance, strength is the chance’, we should use ‘our strength’.
That strength can be ‘our heart of service’ forming hospitality, thoughtful mind, courtesy, and the Samurai spirit.
However, Japanese services rarely advance into foreign markets yet. We think our strength, hospitality spirit, should be known to more and more people in the world. That is why our final Vision is to create a service company that is accepted in the world.
We believe achieving this vision will lead to improvement of the level of service in Japan and the world, and also lead to contribution toward the development and growth of the world.
This is a magnificent vision, but we keep on growing step-by-step everyday for achieving our vision. We will always listen to our customers’ need and serve for customer delight.

Vision To be the leader of the services industry across the world

Action guideline of Neo Career

To achieve the 5 commitments, and the vision, we have CREDO as our guiding principle for our behavior.

Credo Venture	We will always have strong ‘Will and Goal’,?and think and act ‘Creative and Innovative’Professional	We will always have ‘Confidence, Modesty and Pride’, and act as ‘Professional’Speed	With the determination to “Work much faster”